Do you need to relax?  Do your muscles and joints ache?  Do you feel stiff?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Ocean Wave Massage Bed is for you.

Rejuvenate your body as you float above the warm water with nine jets massaging you from underneath the strong, thin plastic membrane.

You stay dry and clothed and can lie in any position you want to target your problem areas. Individual control allows us to turn any jet on or off to suit you while the overall strength can be adjusted from very light to very strong on a nine-level scale.

Ocean Wave sessions are time-efficient due to the number of jets and intensity of stimulation. A standard session is just 15 minutes but will feel like a 45-60 minute massage. You can pop in for a lunchtime recharge! Our fee structure allows for casual visits but also includes a loyalty reward and big cost savings for prepaid blocks of sessions.

If you are a business owner or manager with hard-working staff, why not show your appreciation by sending them along for an Ocean Wave session? We also do gift vouchers for 1,3 or 5 sessions. The Ocean Wave is a universally popular gift idea and much better for you than a lottery ticket! We have the only bed on the northside, so why not call us now on 3252 8866 to book a session?

Don’t you deserve an Ocean Wave today?

Ocean Wave Massage Bed Fees (inc. GST)

Casual Session     $25   |  Use our Casual Session loyalty card & your 7th session is FREE!!

Prepaid Session Cards

5 sessions               $100         ($20 each)

10 sessions             $184         ($18.40 each)

20 sessions             $330         ($16.50 each)

50 sessions             $699         ($14 each)

Gift Vouchers

1 session                 $25

3 sessions               $70

5 sessions               $100

Conditions of use for cards

  • Cards are transferable e.g. within a household or workplace.
  • We cannot guarantee refund of unused prepaid sessions.